We regret to inform you that after 16 years of innovation, passion, and hard work, we are closing yourhomework.com.

Thank you for your trust, generosity, friendship and partnership in this venture. Truly, we wish the outcome of our investments was different. We’d like to share and include you on what YOU and I (we) accomplished.

As you may know yourhomework.com was inspired by a great need to serve the K-12 education community. We recall when we started, dial-up Internet access was still widely used as the primary connection method for most users to access the Internet. That seems so long ago now. We were ahead of the market, perhaps too far ahead for its time. We pioneered the “User-generated content” in 1999 where our teachers were entering content for students and parents. Six years later, in 2005, BBC piloted an application with a similar technology.

We have served over two million students, parents, and teachers and we believe we impacted many lives as well as the U.S. K-12 education system. The results of our 2003 independent survey called “The Effectiveness of yourhomework.com on Teachers, Students, and Parents” conducted by Indiana University were used as a model by school districts and Departments of Education in many states and later adopted by other companies.

During our journey, many articles were written about us by well-known publications. However, more importantly, we received countless thankful messages from our passionate users. YOU and I (we) did well with our products and excellent services. We are very proud of our accomplishments for our kids and very saddened by our failure to create a sustainable and lucrative business.

yourhomework.com team